Lichfield Leather

Lichfield Leather is a family run business that makes and supplies exemplary handcrafted leather goods. The staff at Lichfield Leather have almost 50 years’ worth of knowledge of the leather industry (the company began in 1967), as well as fashion and trends. If they say it’s in, it’s in. And that experience has enabled them to launch incredibly successful brands such as 1642, Yoshi, Safari, and Tumble & Hide.

The products created by Lichfield Leather range from satchels to holdalls to passport holders to wallets and much, much more. Although their range is diverse, there is a common thread of exceptional and detailed design that links it all, making Lichfield Leather a true leader in leather goods.

For more info on our range of products from Litchfield Leathers, please visit our store in Cottingham or get in touch via the contact page.

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